Laundry Subscription Service

Weekly Pickup. One Time Payment


Stop Laundry. Start Living

Pickup & Delivery

Too busy for laundry? MAMA’s angels pickup and deliver your laundry from your doorsteps.

Order Weekly

Clothing or towels? We wash and fold your laundry once every week.

One Monthly Payment

Flat rate fee, no hidden costs. Easy monthly payment, you subscribe as long as you want.

Delivery Angel

Simplify Your Laundry Life!

Pick up your laundry at home once a week

We wash, dry and fold your items with love

Receive your laundry within 48 hours

One Laundry Bag Every Week

This monthly flatrate will be for our Wash & Fold service ONLY. With this flatrate you can have one order per week, which is a total of four orders per month. If you are in need of other services such as Clean & Press, Curtain Cleaning or Carpet Cleaning they are treated as usual. These services are not included in this flatrate.

RM89 /Month


What does wash and fold mean?
Wash and fold is meant for your everyday laundry such as clothing and towels that can be washed & dried in a washing machine. It won’t be ironed. If you would like to have your garments ironed, you can either choose handwash or dry clean. All items will be tumble dried.

How much does your service cost?
This Wash & Fold flatrate normally costs RM129 per month, but we are offering it for only RM89 per month!

Is there a minimum order value?
No there is no minimum order value, only a fixed monthly fee.

Is express delivery also available?
Yes express delivery is available but the extra charges are not included in the flatrate fee.

Up to RM50 in Monthly Savings