Wash Dry & Fold. With Love.

For your favorite daily wear. Or bed linen & towels.

Wash + Fold Includes …

Machine Washed

We will separate darks and lights to avoid dark dye ruin the lighter fabrics.

Tumble Dried

We will make sure your items are tumble dry safe and follow label instructions.

Folded Laundry

We fold your items carefully and neatly into the bag. No more lonely socks.

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Pricing & Turnaround Time

Clothing Items

T-shirts, pajamas, underwear and jeans

Turnaround Time: 2 days
4kg = RM24
RM6 / kg

Household Items

Bedsheets, towels and pillow covers

Turnaround Time: 2 – 3 days
2kg = RM18
RM9 / kg

MAMA & Her Angels …

Free Pickup & Delivery

Ridzuan is our laundry delivery angel, will pick up and deliver your laundry. All you need to do is to pass your laundry bag.

Professional Cleaning

Athira, Khadija, and Tina are our cleaning experts. They will make sure you’ll get the best cleaning service in town.

Responsive Customer Care

Haniza is here to answer all your question via Whatsapp, phone, email or online chat. She will make sure all your questions are answered.

What Are You Waiting For? Save Your Time & Let Us Do Your Laundry

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What Do I Need To Prepare For My Pickup?

Avoid wet items

Try to hang dry wet items before putting them into a bag. This will reduce the typical damp smell.
Chances of getting back fresh smelling clothes are much higher. And the best part: the lesser the weight, the lesser you pay.

Separate new from old used items

Newly bought clothes tend to have color runs on the first washing. If possible, inform us about any new clothes and separate them. This will help to prevent color runs on the rest of your wash load and save your precious used clothes.

What’s The Turnaround Time For Delivery

The normal turnaround time for wash + fold delivery is 2 days for clothing items. For household items, mostly is 2 days. However, some items such as comforters that can’t be tumble dried, take a longer time to dry.

What’s The Express Delivery Charges

The turnaround time for express delivery is 24 hours and it’s 100% surchage.

Can You Remove Stains For Wash + Fold Items?

Wash + Fold is like any other machine wash service, washing with detergents. Stains can be removed with Wash + Fold. However, some stubborn stains such as oil, wine or blood stains must proceed with premium care. In such cases, we do recommend to proceed with Clean + Press.


Is Ironing Included for Wash + Fold

Items under Wash + Fold will be machine washed, tubmle dried and folded. Ironing is not included

Is there minimum order quantity

Yes, the min. order quantity for Wash + Fold Clothing is 4kg. For Household items it’s 2kg.

Is there minimum order value

Yes, the min. order value is RM25.