Who is Mama Wosh?

And all those laundry angels?

It All Starts With LOVE

No doubt – MAMA always wanted the best in life for us. That’s why she put lots of love in taking care of us since the moment we were born. Day by day, year after year. After all, we’re the best that could happen to MAMA right? 🙂

Cleaning Is Her Passion

We’re all grown up and living our own busy lives by now. And suddenly MAMA was wondering what to do with all her free time. Very soon she decided to follow up on her favourite hobby and do the laundry for us. You know MAMA – she’s just trying to help right?


Mama Likes It Fluffy

We all hate dry stiff & scratchy towels right? See, for MAMA cleaning & laundry is an art. One of her top level missions is to provide the cleanest, fluffiest & best smelling towels ever possible. Not only for you – but for everyone on this planet.

1000 Helper Angels

Suddenly families and travellers have someone to do the tidiest task for them. Very soon more & more people asked for MAMA’s laundry & cleaning services. In order to keep up with the load MAMA hired a few angels to help out with the cleaning, pickup & deliveries.

One of those angels even put up a website and well … the rest is history.

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