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Job Descriptions

● Be part of our agile scrum team
● Write server-side code using Django / Python, JavaScript or SQL
● Optimization of our applications for maximum speed and scalability
● Implementation of security and data protection
● Design and implementation of data storage solutions

● Be part of our agile scrum team
● Create software requirement blueprints and user stories
● Design web interfaces using wireframes, mockups & prototypes
● Write client-side code using HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript
● Testing (unit, integration, regression, A/B & usability tests)
● Prepare management reports & presentations

● Enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability
● Design human-machine interfaces using wireframes, mockups & prototypes
● Implement & apply usability tests (eye tracking, heat maps, click maps)
● Create software requirement blueprints and user stories
● Optimize the look & feel of web and mobile applications
● Prepare management reports & presentations

● Measure, collect & analyze web site traffic
● Define & implement page tag based tracking concepts
● Conduct business & market research based on collected data
● Gain customer insights & user intelligence
● Carry out A/B and multivariate tests
● Prepare management reports & presentations

● General Accounting Tasks
● Assist in weekly and monthly accounting reports
● Generate ad hoc reports
● Communicate and assist in filings with company secretary
● Other finance and accounting related projects
● Prepare management reports and presentations

● Define, collect and analyze logistics metrics framework
● Optimize nodes and routes of distribution network
● Continuous dispatch improvement of driver tours
● Sort, pick & itemize orders for cleaning partners
● Occasionally execute customer deliveries
● Prepare management reports and presentations

● Manage customer support tickets through various channels (whatsapp, email, phone, chat)
● Gather, analyze and prepare customer feedback
● Follow-up with customers on their enquiries
● Maintain FAQ and knowledge database for internal and external use
● Coordinate orders between drivers and customers
● Prepare management reports and presentations

● Design and deploy recruiting campaigns (online and offline)
● Develop and establish a HR talent development tool
● Assist in personal appraisal talks (preparation and analysis)
● Improve training & development material for staff
● Evaluating and potentially redesign current HR processes
● Prepare management reports and presentations

● Manage customer and consumer communication
● Research and establish contact with local and national media
● Generate and distribute press releases with relevant target groups
● Organize, prepare and execute press events
● Represent the single point of contact for incoming press inquiries
● Prepare management reports & presentations

● Design & carry out direct mail and email marketing campaigns
● Implement digital advertising & social media campaigns (facebook, google, twitter & in app ads)
● Gather business relevant metrics and analyze campaign performance
● Define & target customer segments based on analytical insights
● Produce keyword­driven SEO relevant, strategic content to increase organic traffic
● Prepare management reports & presentations

● Daily route planning/scheduling and driving
● Completing customer collections and deliveries
● Communicating with Mama Wosh and customers in a polite and friendly manner
● Maintaining and updating Mama Wosh driver app throughout the day

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