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The best cleaning service for your garments

Wash + Fold

Mama's best seller for regular daily clothing such as t-shirts, underwear or socks. Once washed & dried Mama's angels will fold your clothes with love. Lots of love.

Also available for household items such as towels and bed sheets. Default turnaround time is 2 days. Skin-friendly or organic detergent are available upon request.

You will never want to do your laundry yourself again.

Clean + Press

Clean + Press

Clothes should last as long as possible. To extend the lifespan of any garment Mama recommends professional cleaning with extra special care. This can be chemical dry cleaning, eco-friendly wet cleaning or lagoon wash or the traditional handwash. Suited for suits, jackets or coats an anything that should not be put into the washing or drying machine.

Mama's cleaning angels carefully inspect every piece of your items. If required stain removal treatment is available too. By default, all items are delivered on hanger.

Curtain Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are the most difficult items to clean in any household. Let us simplify your life. Our cleaning facility will determine a suited cleaning method for the best results.

Too busy to take down and re-hang the curtains? For a small fee of RM10 per kg we can send a dedicated team that brings a ladder and does all the heavy lifting for you.

Price comparison for cleaning and laundry services

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Wash + Fold

RM6 Per kg /onwards
  • Garments or bedding items
  • Tumble-dried
  • 2 days delivery time
  • Express available
  • Returned nicely folded

Clean + Press

RM6 Per item /onwards
  • Best to avoid shrinkage
  • Stain spot treatment included
  • 3 days delivery time
  • Express available
  • Pressing included
RM24 Per kg /onwards
  • Installation available *
  • Drying depends on fabric
  • 5 days delivery time
  • Express available
  • Pressing optional

* Surcharge applied



Yes we do pressing only and we charge per item. To check the full pricing click here.

No, Wash & Fold is machine wash tumble dry service. If you have stains on your items, we recommend you to choose Clean & Press.

No, we want to help you with your laundry 7 days a week. Order your pickup anytime you need your laundry to be done.

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