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How does Mama Wosh work?

Mama Wosh is an on-demand premium laundry service that offers deliveries. We offer a one stop solution of Washing, Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning and Ironing, all in one place for you.

– You order online – choose a time and place that suits you
– We deliver your laundry back fast – so relax and enjoy!

How do I place an order?

It’s easy – just click here to request a delivery. Just follow the instructions, choose your preferred time slot and delivery place, all within 60 seconds.

What are our operating hours?

Mama Wosh and her busy cleaning angels are working 24/7. You can place an order 24h a day, 365 days a year. We are open on Mon-Fri: 9 am – 10 pm, Sat-Sun: 10 am -8 pm.

I’ve placed a delivery request. What’s going to happen next?

You will receive a confirmation email once you’ve placed your delivery request online. This email contains all details needed. If we need any clarifications we will get back to you via email/whatsapp or phone. In any case, we will let you know once your laundry angel is on his way to you.

What should I expect for my first delivery?

Your delivery angel will deliver your clean clothes to your door. Be sure to check all is well during your delivery

My place is not in your coverage area. Can I bring my clothes to a Mama Wosh shop?

You can see our coverage area here (delivery area) is growing quickly and we are adding new delivery areas every month. If you are outside of our current coverage area, please check with our customer service if we can still service your area.

Can I reschedule my delivery

Yes, you can reschedule a delivery free of charge. Please inform our customer service angel at least one hour before the scheduled pickup time.

How long does it take until I get my laundry back?

2 day (36h) for Wash + Fold
3 days (72h) for Clean + Press

What does wash and fold mean?

Wash and fold is meant for your everyday laundry that can be washed & dried in a washing machine. It won’t be ironed. If you would like to have your garments ironed, you can either choose handwash or dry/wet clean. All items will be tumble dried.

After my wash & fold service, my items still have stains, why?

Wash and fold is a regular laundry cleaning process. If you have stains and would like to remove them, we can offer you with special care cleaning. However, some stains won’t be removed with our special care cleaning service thus we recommend proceeding with stain removal treatment.

What do you mean with “special care items”?

Special care items are all items that require special attention and cannot be processed as wash and fold. In most cases, those are items that require a special cleaning method (such as dry cleaning or handwash). We also classify all items as special care that require ironing services.

Do you offer to wash and iron?

At this moment no.

Do you offer ironing only services?

At this moment no.

Can you get a stain out for me?

If stains cannot be removed with regular wash and fold or hand wash we offer a special stain spot treatment for a surcharge. This involves soaking the garment for a period of time in specially dedicated solvents that help to remove stubborn stains. This process can take up to 2 days. We cannot guarantee that stains are fully removed. In the event that the treatment is unsuccessful, we will only charge 50% of the stain treatment price.

Stains are best treated immediately, so your garment has a better chance of recovery. Turn your garment inside out and run cold water over the stain. This will greatly help the affected area, and in return make the stain easier to remove.

Are special detergents available?

We offer unperfumed and hypoallergenic detergents.

Are there things that you will not wash?

Currently, we wash most items of clothing. If our laundry specialist discovers that it would not be sensible to wash a certain textile, we will contact you and agree on how to continue.

My clothes need to be washed in a specific way – what can you do?

We know that your clothes are very personal items. Hence, you can write a note on the special instruction section in the booking form.

Is there any possibility of color fasting if we send any cloth for Dry clean?

If your articles’ color is not permanent, the color could be fastening. But it will be less than in the handwash process.

What is the basic process difference between Handwash & Dry clean?

The Handwash process is based on water & various types of detergent/cleaning agents.

The Dryclean process is based on chemical solvents, which eliminates the need for high temperature and tumbling. This procedure results in less damage to delicate fabrics.

I don’t know what to choose: Dry/Wet Cleaning or Handwash?

If you don’t know what to be dry cleaned or handwashed, don’t worry — Mama Wosh will check the label instructions for you to ensure that the garments are handled correctly and with the utmost care.

Is there a minimum order?

Mama Wosh helps you do your dry cleaning and laundry chores with convenience and ease. Even if it’s just a shirt or three pairs of socks. However, to maintain a sustainable business, Mama Wosh introduced a minimum order of RM25.00.

How much does your service cost?

Please see our pricing list here Pricing list

How do I pay?

We are going to send you an invoice via email. You can either directly pay online, via Credit Card and Paypal, or cash with the delivery. Reminder: All credit payment should be done 1 hour before the delivery to avoid any inconvenience caused.

For hotel guests who don’t want to wait and be more flexible: You can leave an envelope with the total amount at the reception and we deliver your laundry to the concierge.

Why is there a service fee for deliver at hotels and/or shopping malls?

Deliveries at hotels/malls usually involve more time due to inner city traffic, parking etc. On average we spend 30-40 % more time/money on hotel/mall orders than for orders in residential areas. To cover our increased expenses we recently introduced a small hotel/mall service fee of RM10

Does Mama Wosh offer express services? What are the charges?

Yes, we do offer express service for all cleaning methods.
Wash and Fold:
Next day express is 100% surcharge.

Special Care:
Express Service: Next day epxress / 2 days is 100 % surcharge.

Are my clothes insured whilst in your care?

You don’t have to worry – we take good care of your clothes. They are insured whilst being transported and they fall under the standard terms and conditions of our facility while being laundered. If something happens, you can fill out a claim form, and we’ll investigate what happened.

What does wear & tear means?

Some garments with stains go for stain removal treatment. However, if the fabric of the item is old or weak, it can be easily damaged after the washing process.

How do I know that my personal items of laundry are in safe hands?

The safety of personal items is in our hearts. Our laundry angels understand that and are hand-selected professionals. If your personal items need to be washed a certain way, don’t worry – we’ll ask you for any special requests when we collect them. Read more about our quality control.

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