Wosh Weekly Subscription

1 laundry load per week. 100% convenience. 

Plans start at RM 89/month.



Choose your weekly laundry day online! We’ll come to your doorstep weekly to pick up and deliver on the day chosen.

Expert Laundry

We separate lights and darks. Then, we machine wash, tumble dry and returned crisply folded. We never wash or dry your laundry with someone else.

Save Money

Pay a monthly flat rate per bag. No hidden costs and pick up and delivery are included. Save up to 50% on your laundry from normal wash.

Daily wear, towels and bedsheets

Our Wosh Weekly subscription plan covers everything you need on a regular basis: t-shirts, underwear, socks, towels, bed sheets, pillow/bolster cases.

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Wash and fold is meant for your everyday laundry such as clothing and towels that can be washed & dried in a washing machine. It won’t be ironed. If you would like to have your garments ironed, you can either choose handwash or dry clean. All items will be tumble dried.

This Wash & Fold flatrate normally costs RM129 per month, but we are offering it for only RM89 per month!

No there is no minimum order value, only a fixed monthly fee.

Yes express delivery is available but the extra charges are not included in the flatrate fee.