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7 things we do when cleaning your items

We know your items are previous. Here at Mama Wosh we not only pickup or deliver your items – we also make sure that they are being cleaned with great care. Here are 7 things that we do for each of your orders.

1: Itemisation and counting

We offer two different services, special care cleaning or wash and fold. For special care cleaning orders, we count each item in order to charge separately. However, with wash and fold items, orders are itemized based on how many laundry bags each customer has.

2: Pre-cleaning Inspection

We proceed with pre-cleaning inspection for special care items such as dry cleaning and hand wash. During this process, our cleaning experts inspect each item for damages, stains and color run. In case we identify any stains that won’t come out with dry cleaning or hand wash, we suggest our customers to proceed with the stain removal treatment.

3: Marking and spotting items

We mark each order based on customer’s order number and cleaning service requested. We also sort accordingly to the fabric type and color. Our cleaning facility will help you choose the right cleaning services for your items.

4: Cleaning

Wash & Fold
For regular daily clothing such as t-shirts, underwear or socks. Items will be machine washed, tumble-dried and folded.

Dry cleaning
This process uses chemical fluids to clean the items instead of water. It is used to clean delicate fabric that can be damaged with water, machine wash or tumble-drying. Ideal for suits, jackets or coats.

This process uses clear and fresh water and the finest eco-friendly detergents to clean the items. By hand, we manually clean your delicate garments. Best suited for shirts. 

5: Drying

Drying process should be sorted accordingly to fabric type as well as the cleaning services. We use air dry for hand wash cleaning and tumble machine for a wash and fold items. If the wash and fold items can’t be tumble dried, we will advise our customer in advance.

6: Finishing

Next, is the finishing process. For special care cleaning, pressing is included. However, for wash and fold, items are to be folded.

7: Packaging

Here at Mama Wosh, we package with love. Special care items will be delivered to your doorstep with a hanger and wash and fold items will be neatly folded and packaged.

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