Wash, Dry & Fold. With Love.

For your favorite daily wear. Or bed linen & towels.

 Wash & Fold  Includes …

Your Towels, Fluffy-fied.

Not sure about your towels at home, but towels being picked up and washed by Mama Wosh are just incredibly soft and fluffy.

Turnaround Time

Clothing Items

T-shirts, pajamas, underwear and jeans

Turnaround Time: 2 days

4kg = RM24
RM6 / kg

Household Items

Bedsheets, towels and pillow covers

Turnaround Time: 2 – 3 days

2kg = RM18
RM9 / kg

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Reasons to Choose Mama Wosh

What Are You Waiting For?

Save your time & lets we do your laundry


What’s the turnaround time for delivery?
The normal turnaround time for wash + fold delivery is 2 days for clothing items. For household items, mostly is 2 days. However, some items such as comforters that can’t be tumble dried, take a longer time to dry.

What’s the express delivery charges?
The turnaround time for express delivery is 24 hours and it’s 100% surcharge.

Can you remove stains for Wash + Fold items?
Wash + Fold is like any other machine wash service, washing with detergents. Stains can be removed with Wash + Fold. However, some stubborn stains such as oil, wine or blood stains must proceed with premium care. In such cases, we do recommend to proceed with Clean + Press.

Is ironing included for Wash + Fold?
Items under Wash + Fold will be machine washed, tubmle dried and folded. Ironing is not included.

Is there minimum order quantity?
Yes, the min. order quantity for Wash + Fold Clothing is 4kg. For Household items it’s 2kg.

Is there minimum order value?
Yes, the min. order value is RM25.

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