Very much like trips to the petrol station or the supermarket, sending your garments to the dry cleaner has been part of a regular routine for some individuals. However, while getting your garment “dry cleaned” may be your weekly routine, for some,  dry cleaning sounds mysterious to them.

Despite the name, dry cleaning involves using a chemical solvent to clean the clothes. The fact that there is no water involved is the reason why it’s called “dry cleaning”. It is proven to be more gentle and effective in cleaning delicate fabrics such as wool and silk.

Dry cleaning is very effective in removing stains. However, not all stains are created equal, if the stains have bonded with the fabrics, it can hardly be removed. Even if the visible stains are removed, there could be discoloration and causes irreversible damage to the garment.

So, when you send you to get your garment dry cleaned by Mama Wosh, your garment will go through the following steps: Inspection, Pre-Spotting, Dry Cleaning Process, Post Spotting, and Finishing.

Clean and press services by Mama Wosh 1st laundry in Malaysia

Here are the processes of dry cleaning with Mama

Different types of garments require different types of care options. Failure to understand this might cause your favourite garments to shrink, get discoloured, become saggy or damaged. So it’s always a good idea to read the label so that it can help you to decide which one of your garments needs a professional touch. If you’re looking into dry cleaning your garments, you can place an order with Mama Wosh here.